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Reflections of Bayou Rapides

35.5 x 47.5 inches, Wood Polychromatic Bas-relief

This reflection was done from memory, drawings and photographs. My first experience came on a Christmas afternoon, when I decided to ride out along Bayou Rapides, towards Hot Wells. I came upon a little settlement where there were several folk houses along the bayou banks. Smoke coming out the chimney suggested it would be nice and cozy on the inside.

I could almost smell roasted coffee beans and fresh pecan pie. On that clear, chilly, late afternoon the little homes were lit with what I call God Light. Something you only see for about ten or fifteen minutes under certain conditions. Throughout the years, I returned to experience the magic of this beautiful place. Last year I rode along the bayou with Dr. Michael Collins in his restored 1941 Ford; all the little homes were gone.

In the door way of my work is a tiny blue truck, an invitation to reflect. The color blue of the sky represents the Spirit that moves in the wind, from where we know not and a toy truck parked and left behind like memories of the joy of innocence.



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