Chestee Harrington


Given her affinity for wood, it’s no surprise that Chestee also enjoys working with another natural medium — earth. Fired clay, which is polychromed (painted in multiple colors) is her preferred medium, although bronze editions of some pieces are also available. Sculptures range between three and 36 inches tall. 

Garden Sculpture

Sculpture de Soleil

These original, half life-size, limited-edition fired clay garden pieces are hand sculpted by the artist and manually cast, one at a time, under her supervision. They are signed and numbered before firing. Each work is hand colored by the artist.

Bronze Sculpture

Each bronze is cast using the traditional lost-wax method. To control quality and ensure the integrity of the edition, the wax copies are hand finished and numbered in the artist’s studio before being cast at the foundry. The pieces vary in size between three and 36 inches and smaller pieces are mounted on wood bases. Each bronze is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Lead time is required for production of most bronze pieces.