Chestee Harrington


Here's what experts, art critics and collectors are saying about Chestee and her work:
“Although people collect her art nationwide and worldwide, Chestee is one of the greatest “unknown” artists in Louisiana and the South. She creates world-class pieces in all of her chosen media.”
— Wyatt Collins, Louisiana collector and advisory board member of the Folk Art Society of America
“ … expressive and imaginative … Chestee is as uncompromising as the beautiful scenes she chooses to depict. The total effect of her work is one of unique depth and startling artistic reality that stimulates not only the visual sensibilities, but creates the inescapable urge to reach out and touch.”
— Kenneth Nahan, international art dealer, New Orleans/New York/Tokyo
“a new and stimulating approach for the interpretation of Louisiana folklore.”
— David Floyd, director, LSU Rural Life Museum
“Chestee Harrington has been the champion of the common people of her native South Louisiana, especially the Acadians. … Her work is accessible to a wide variety of people, ranging from children to those with a high degree of sophistication. Probably because she is a native, Chestee’s work captures the sometimes bright but frequently melancholy moods of our flat, humid, lush, overgrown landscape.”
— H. Parrott “Pat” Bacot, professor emeritus, Louisiana State University and former director of the LSU Museum of Art. (Mr. Bacot specializes in the art of the American South.)


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